Are Veneers for Your Smile?

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Do some of your teeth have slight imperfections? Are some of your them chipped, discolored or even misshaped? Are you searching to find a method to enhance your smile that doesn’t take months or years of treatments? If so, perhaps dental veneers are what you’re looking for.

What are veneers?
They are thin pieces of porcelain, or a mixture of porcelain and ceramic materials, that can be bonded on top of your teeth. They are custom made for your smile, and may be able to conceal chips, stains or even crooked teeth, in some cases.

How do veneers work?
Veneers are crafted to fit over your natural teeth. Dr. Kimberly Simonds can help you determine which material can best suit your needs and the shade may blend the best with your smile. Before veneers are placed, our dentist will clean your teeth and will remove a small amount of the enamel to make room for the veneer. When the veneer is ready, your tooth will be slightly etched, an adhesive applied and the veneer can be cemented into place. Because some of the enamel has been removed, this procedure is irreversible.

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