The benefit of coming into Ballwin Dental Care and receiving a full, comprehensive exam is that our dentists will check your neck and oral tissues for lumps, red and/or white patches, and recurring sore areas of your mouth and gums. Oral cancer screenings are highly beneficial because we can detect cancer in its earliest stages, when it can still be treated.

Oral cancer can affect the tongue, lips, soft palate, gums, hard palate, and other areas in the mouth. If left untreated, it can spread throughout the rest of the body and have fatal results. For this reason, we regularly check your mouth for sores and take X-rays of it as well. Oral cancer is not only easier to treat when caught early on, but it is also less likely to reoccur afterwards.

Some of the habits that can cause oral cancer include smoking and heavy alcohol consumption. These habits are estimated to be the trigger of 75% of the diagnosed oral cancers in this country, so it is important to avoid taking these substances. We advise all our patients to schedule and attend regular dental appointments with Drs. Simonds, Gennaoui, and Schrameyer so that we can detect oral cancer in its earliest stages. To learn more and to schedule your next appointment for a screening for oral cancer in Ballwin, Missouri, we encourage you to contact us today.