Why It Is Beneficial to Brush and Floss Your Dental Bridge

Dental bridges are used to replace teeth that have gone missing. They can appear and work like a natural tooth, and they can help you speak and eat normally, which can be difficult with a tooth missing. While some may be tempted to neglect the bridge when brushing and flossing, it can be more helpful… Read more »

Is Laughing Gas Safe?

Do you get nervous about going to the dentist? Does an upcoming appointment cause a feeling of mild to moderate anxiety in you? The good news is that you aren’t the only person to suffer from dental phobia, and you may want to consider using nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas, to help control… Read more »

Are Veneers for Your Smile?

Do some of your teeth have slight imperfections? Are some of your them chipped, discolored or even misshaped? Are you searching to find a method to enhance your smile that doesn’t take months or years of treatments? If so, perhaps dental veneers are what you’re looking for. What are veneers? They are thin pieces of… Read more »

Go on a Diet for Your Teeth

You’ve heard of diets that can aid the health of your body, but are you aware that you can also go on a diet for your teeth? Continue reading to learn about foods that are great for your teeth. Yogurt Yogurt is high in protein and calcium, which are great for tooth enamel. Another benefit… Read more »

Plan for Your Child’s Smile With Teething Treatments

One of the most common risks to an infant’s oral health is teething. Although teething is common, it can cause discomfort in your child. Teething occurs when their teeth break through their gums and into their mouth. This process is known as tooth eruption. However, it is also painful and can cause several symptoms to… Read more »

Mild to Significant Treatment Options for TMJ Disorder

Your temporomandibular joints (TMJ) serve the important function of hinging your jaw to the rest of the skull, using a complex system of ligaments and muscles to perform jaw movement. These sophisticated joints also help you to you chew up tough foods but can develop what is called TMJ disorder if they experience inflammation and… Read more »

Talk to Your Dentist about Philips® Zoom WhiteSpeed® Whitening Treatment

Philips® Zoom WhiteSpeed® provides one of the best options to improve your smile in a fast and straightforward process! It tends to teeth that are discolored, stained, or dull-looking. Its safety, speed, and effectiveness are highly recommended by dentists, creating the look you want for your brightest smile. It takes less time than it takes… Read more »

Toothbrush Care

You take care of your car, your house, and your health–but how often do you think about taking care of your toothbrush? A clean and cared-for toothbrush is vital to maintaining your oral health. When storing your toothbrush, store it in open air. Closed spaces encourage bacterial growth that can damage your toothbrush. Also, don’t… Read more »

You Need to Have a Chipped Tooth Treated by a Dentist to Prevent a New Cavity from Developing

Sometimes chipped teeth cause significant discomfort, heightened sensitivity, and other complications. Other times a chipped tooth will not cause any overt discomfort. However, you shouldn’t let this tempt you to procrastinate having the tooth repaired by Dr. . As time goes by the minute textures in the chipped tooth enamel could start to trap bacterial… Read more »

Symptoms of Bruxism

Did you know that bruxism is an oral health disorder that can take place in even the healthiest of mouths? It consists of grinding or gnashing your teeth together unconsciously, often while you are asleep. Symptoms of bruxism are often present no matter the severity of bruxism disorder you have. Listed below are important facts… Read more »