Whitening Treatments: The Things to Consider Before Brightening Your Teeth

As you may already know, teeth whitening is a beneficial and successful cosmetic dental treatment that can give you the white and brilliant smile you’ve always wanted. However, it’s not for everyone. So, before you take the first step in brightening your chompers, our team encourages you to think about the following things: What does… Read more »

A Loose Bridge Requires Immediate Care

Your bridge is a single piece of dental work designed to replace a lost tooth. It is cemented onto two abutments formed from the two closest teeth. While it is designed to be as functional and durable as your natural teeth, there are some circumstances that can compromise its secure hold on the abutments. An… Read more »

Welcome to a Brighter Smile

Welcome to Ballwin Dental Care, the dental office of Dr. Kimberly Simonds, her father, Dr. Robert Schrameyer, and Dr. Dan Gennaoui where we offer comprehensive dental services to our patients in Ballwin, Missouri, and the surrounding areas. One of the services we are proud to offer is teeth whitening, and we use the EZ White® in-office system to make your… Read more »