Symptoms of Bruxism

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Did you know that bruxism is an oral health disorder that can take place in even the healthiest of mouths? It consists of grinding or gnashing your teeth together unconsciously, often while you are asleep. Symptoms of bruxism are often present no matter the severity of bruxism disorder you have. Listed below are important facts regarding bruxism:

– Do you feel any pain in your head that seems similar to an earache but doesn’t appear to be caused by your ear?
– Are there any signs that you might grind and gnash your teeth while you sleep?
– Do any of your teeth have any unexplained chips, cracks, fractures, or splits?
– Does your jaw easily lock up and fail to open fully?
– Has your tooth enamel worn down to the point that your teeth are now sensitive when eating or drinking?
– Are you suffering from any abnormal or irregular indentations or markings on your tongue?
– Do your cheeks appear damaged on the inside due to what appears to be bite marks?
– Are there any changes in the appearance of your teeth with them looking dull and flat?

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