Why It Is Beneficial to Brush and Floss Your Dental Bridge

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Dental bridges are used to replace teeth that have gone missing. They can appear and work like a natural tooth, and they can help you speak and eat normally, which can be difficult with a tooth missing. While some may be tempted to neglect the bridge when brushing and flossing, it can be more helpful to brush and floss the bridge as you would any other tooth.

While the bridge may not be subject to cavities and tooth decay, those conditions are not the only reason you brush and floss. Plaque can still make a home for itself on a dental bridge. One of the problems with plaque is that it is not satisfied to stay there.

Plaque can continue to build up, eventually reaching the gum tissue near the bridge. Once there, it can actually build up within the gums. This is how gum disease starts, and the plaque can continue to infect and weaken your gum tissues. If gum disease progresses, it can negatively affect your teeth and even your jawbone.

Fortunately, keeping up with brushing and flossing can send the offending plaque into exile before it stirs up these issues. If you treat the bridge like a regular part of your mouth as you clean it, you can keep the gum tissue in that area nice and safe.

You can also help yourself by visiting the dentist for a regular checkup. Brushing and flossing can get most of the plaque, but a little bit can still remain. The dentist has the dental equipment that can take out these remainders, which can help you continually maintain your oral health.

If you would like to consider dental bridges for replacing teeth or would like some more tips on caring for your bridges, you can turn to Ballwin Dental Care in Ballwin, Missouri, for help. Dr. Kimberly Simonds can help you learn more and perform whatever services you need. Please do not hesitate to call 636.552.9647, as we are always happy to help.